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Audio Visual Intergration Services for the Tri-State Area

We design & install
audiovisual systems security cameras intelligent systems professional audio security cameras communication systems
that captivate your customers to watch your business from anywhere that automate your home that entertain to watch your business to conduct your business

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Stated simply, Osprey AV is dedicated to providing you with an audiovisual system that Is appropriate for your space, budget, and operation needs. Let us enhance communications, security and entertainment throughout your home, organization or venue. We can recommend and install quality products no matter the size, budget, or complexity of your project. Best of all, contact us now for a Free Quote

Osprey AV offers the professional guidance, and technical expertise to assist you in selecting the right AV technology. Importantly, whether you want to install a Video Surveillance System, a Video Marketing Display, Hi-End Home Theaters or Home Automation, Osprey AV will provide you with the most up to date AV solutions at the best value.

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Need background music that will add to your customers’ enjoyment without interfering with their conversation? How about audio where every word must be clearly audible to everyone in the room? We provide optimum solutions Restaurants, Bars, & Hospitality; Retail Outlets and Office & Corporate AV with high performance speaker systems that maintain sonic integrity whether used at low or high volume, that are easy to operate.

Displays, video monitors, projectors, and projection screens can be found in almost all hospitals, schools, universities, conference centers, home theatres, government buildings, and corporate offices. We make sure your business has the correct equitpment designed to display video in a clear and crisp way.

We will assist you in providing affordable security camera systems and video surveillance installations for homeowners, business owners, property owner and commercial real estate management companies.

We carry all the essential ingredients you'll need for the ultimate home theater, customized to your every need.

Our team brings a deep understanding of music and musical instruments together with an awareness of the workflow and reliability required of professional live sound equipment.

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Innovative Digital Technology

We use the most up-to-date digital technology for our customers. We have access to high-quality specialty products that are not in the retail stores.

Expert Design Advice

Do you want your speakers hidden? Do you want to show off your system? Do you prefer basic controls or do you need more advanced features?No problem! We can design just about anything that you can think of. We can even suggest some designs if you don't know where to begin.


Osprey AV designs and integrates AV systems that promote ease-of-use, long-term cost-effectiveness, and upgradeability. AV clients routinely evaluate their current and future communications needs and resources to assist the AVSP in providing AV systems that are useful, cost-effective and conducive to upgrades.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Do you want the best and low-cost solution? We create systems with reliability, aesthetics, ease-of-use, performance, and value in mind. We work with distributors to get the lowest cost equipment and will match the shelf prices of the local stores. You don't have to pay more to get quality products.

Maintenance & Warranty

Osprey AV provides on-going support for the system through warranty and maintenance programs to ensure the system’s usability and your satisfaction. We provide you with a 1 year warranty on all of our workmanship. In addition, the individual parts carry their own manufacturer’s warranty. Within the 1 year warranty period, we will diagnose, repair, and re-install the broken equipment. Extended warranties are also available.

Premium Technical Support

We want to make sure that your system and equipment is meeting your expectations, and thatyou are satisfied as our customer. You can always contact us with questions about your system

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